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Private Consultations in West London with Laura Boyle (appointment only)
1 hour £100
½ hour £70

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Telephone & Skype Consultations with Laura Boyle (appointment only)
1 hour £100
½ hour £70

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Email Consultations with Laura Boyle (24 hour turnaround)
½ hour of unlimited questions £70
3 questions £25
1 question £10

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Telephone Consultations with Psychic & Soul Company (24 hour Live Psychics)
£1.53 per minute from a BT landline - payable via your telephone provider
24 hour psychic chat line. CLICK HERE to see who's on line Tel: 0913 595 0005

Definitions -

Private Consultations with Laura Boyle
These are held by appointment only at my office in West London.  They are booked in time slots of ½ an hour (30 minutes) or one hour (60 minutes).  The reading is recorded & you will be presented with a CD to take away after your consultation.

Telephone Consultations with Laura Boyle

These are by appointment only & payable in advance.  They are booked in time slots of ½ an hour (30 minutes) or one hour (60 minutes).  The reading is recorded & you will be sent an mp3 recording of your reading to your email inbox within minutes after your consultation.

Email Consultations with Laura Boyle
These are payable in advance via PayPal.  Please make your question/s as clear as possible.  Please include names of people, ie 'What does John really think about me?'  These are short, mini readings, just enough to answer those burning questions.  This is not a substitute for a full reading.  You send me your question/s via email & within 24 hours, you will be sent an mp3 recording of your reading to your email inbox.

Telephone Consultations with Psychic & Soul Company

This is a 24 hour Live Psychic Line where you can ask a gifted Tarot Consultant or Medium to answer your questions at whatever time of day or night suits you.  Please remember to take the readers pin number as when you decide to ring the company again you may wish to connect with the same reader as before.  To use this service, you must be over 18 & have the bill payer's permission.  Calls cost £1.53 from a BT landline & some telephone providers may cost more.  You are able to end this call at will meaning that you are not tied into a full ½ hour reading - your reading may last 5 minutes but will automatically end after 20 minutes unless, when prompted, you decide to continue the consultation.


Recent Feedback -

You've always been so accurate in the past, that I thought it was time to come back for another one. I hope to come for an in-person reading one day. Hope you are well. All the best, and looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks Debra x 7.2.14

Thanks Laura - not to worry. Great reading. Looking forward to many more going ahead! Nichola 6.2.14

Dear Laura! I was so impressed with you and your support. I have advised you to couple of my friends, and one of them is willing to see you :) for Taro reading. Olga  27.1.14

Thank you laura I really enjoyed our reading things seem a lot clearer , look forward to speaking with you again in the coming months x Rosie 24.1.14

Hi Laura just quickly wanted to share something with you. You said would hear positive communication from dark haired lady around W and there would be a restriction. Well my new boss started on Monday dark haired Sara 23.1.14

Thank you so much for your reading. You put your finger


on so many wee things .... I knew I had to toughen up.... I just needed to hear it. Also, you were totally right in J being damaged by a previous relationship. It's something that I keep saying to him ; I'm not A. One day he'll hear it. with best wishes Sarah 23.1.14

Hi Laura This is May, I previously got a reading from you last year and it was incredible I hope you can help me with my questions for this year. 8.1.14

Thanks Laura, The amazing Laura! Thank you once again for my reading. And with that lovely are invited to my wedding since it won't be a disaster. Lol! Have a lovely weekend and once again you will be hearing from me again x Kash 3.1.14

Hi Laura, How are you? Hope all is well. Further to our my last visit to you, I would like to inform you that I put in an offer for a property I saw and liked which was accepted and I am now currently in the process of puchasing it. Hope it all goes smooth! I dont know what it is about you, but each and everytime I have visited you things seem to go my way and my life always seems to be uplifted. :):):) Thank you Laura. Have a lovely Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Regards, Tony 20.12.13

Dear Laura, THANK YOU very much for my 3 card reading. How amazing that I called you just as you were about to start it. I'll come for a proper reading soon.  Have a very happy christmas and New Year! Kindest regards, Lauretta 20.12.13
Do you specialise in relationship advice?  You have been very insightful and I appreciate your honest and direct approach.   You are correct with what you say and even though it may be hard to hear, you speak with a sincerity that I appreciate.  Happy holidays Laura.  Rachel x 19.12.13

I really was totally amazed...everything happened as you said! It was by far the best reading I have ever had. I will make payment today ready for tomorrow morning... I will go with the general reading as you originally suggested and leave questions till end x Michelle 18.12.13

Hi Laura, I had a reading with you back in early May and found it to be very useful and accurate,


Laura Boyle - Psychic London, Clairvoyant London, Tarot London

click here to contact Laura Boyle or call 0208 354 2485 or 07717 858484