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Laura Boyle is mainly based in West London, near Hammersmith  is available for private consultations, telephone & email readings.


Laura Boyle charges £70 for half an hour, £100 for the full hour for an in person reading which is recorded onto a CD.  Booked in advance.

Laura Boyle charges £70 for a half hour telephone/Skype reading, £100 for the full hour which is recorded & sent via the internet as a sound file. Booked in advance.

She charges £15 for a one question email reading, £30 for a three question email reading which is recorded & sent via the internet as a sound file.  She endeavors to get this to you within 24 hours


Recent Feedback for Laura Boyle -

Dear Laura, I have processed a payment for one question service; last time you were spot on! Lud 29.3.16

Happy Easter Laura! I hope you are having a lovely weekend. I appreciate your readings so much and I find they've really helped me get perspective on alot of things. I just find I need some guidance at the moment Sara - 27.3.16

Hi Laura, I cannot believe how spot on you were last time with your answers to my questions... Tara - 25.3.16

Enquiry Hello Laura, I have sent a payment in through paypal for the 4 questions. I really enjoyed your last reading, as it provided a new perspective for me. I have some new questions as I seem to be reaching a new chapter in my life. ...Sarah 25.3.16

Hi Laura, Thank you very much for your reading, I thought it was absolutely brilliant. I've got to confess I was a tiny bit cynical about how doing something over email would work - but much of what you said was absolutely spot on.Steph x x x 21.3.16

I had a reading with you in mid 2013, I just re-played the CD and want to thank you so much. You were spot on about everything! A move across the water, a career change it all happened when you said it would! And that old boyfriend is gone and dusted : )  Berit 31.2.16

Enquiry Hi Laura, First of all I would like to praise you on the accuracy of your readings. I am very impressed!I will tell you a story now and be prepared for a concoction of everything that makes up Eastenders lol..... Nicholas 24.2.16

Thank you so much Laura. I have been quite lost over the past few weeks and your reading has really brought me some comfort and clarity.  It's nice to hear the things from another perspective and I really appreciate the insight. You are fabulous and I appreciate the time you put into the readings. Thank you again! Sara 1.2.16

Thank you for the reading Laura - I often worry my clock is ticking and I need to get moving! I have really enjoyed both readings. Have a great weekend Kind Regards, Emma 30.1.16

One of the best readings ever hun so can we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful insight and advice you have also offered us.  With that said would it be really cheeky if I purchased another reading from you via your website about a different situation that im going through at the moment, well two actually lol. Blessings Laura Luv Trisha xxxx 21.1.16

Enquiry Hi laurah, thank you for the last reading, I have to say it was very accurate... Anne Marie - 10.1.16

Enquiry Dear Laura, First of all I want to wish you a very Happy New Year. I contacted you before and it really helped me, so I decided to contact you again because my head is a mess. Lorena - 8.1.16

Hi Laura,Thank you very much for my reading! As always you are amazing and spot on. Sorry about my questions I never really know how to ask them! Thanks again and best wishes, Krista X 6.1.16

Hi Laura, Thankyou so much for the very detailed reading. ...I do ramble!!! But thankyou so very much for the reading, and although I am not Christmasified yet, have a lovely christmas and a Happy New year.  Take care Amanda x 30.11.15

 Thank you so much Laura! You were so spot on regarding my situation as usual! I will definitely come in January for my long reading! Once again thank you and have a lovely weekend! Gintare 27.11.15

Hi Laura,  I don't know how you do it... but it's yet another spot on reading!!! Thank you so so much... your readings are always so uplifting... and rejuvenating.. I will keep you updated and let's see what happens between now and the next couple of months. I will definitely follow your advise as usual.  Lots of love.  Speak soon. xxxx V. 26.11.15

From August, 2013 - January, 2014 Laura worked as a guest tarot reader on the Baker & Kelly VSPO show on BT Sports!

In January 2012 Laura worked at the SAGB - The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain as one of their Serving Mediums.  A medium is someone who connects to Spirit - someone who has passed over.  A medium acts as an intermediary between the 2 dimensions, giving evidence of survival after death.  She will not be available there to do any further readings so please contact her direct via this website.

As of January 2013 Laura will be no longer be live on Celestial Radio every Monday night from 8 - 9pm.  The Laura Boyle Psychic Chat show. After over two years Laura felt it was time for a change!

Laura is saddened to announce her immeditate resignation as Executive Secretary & Mercury Magazine Editor of the British Astrological & Psychic Society (where she was vetted as one of their accredited Tarot Consultants & Spiritual Mediums).  Effective as of the 5th November, 2011.

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Please feel free to send me an email with details of situations &/or people you wish for distant healing to be sent  Click Here to submit Healing request

A little information about Laura Boyle -

She has been a Consultant to the British Astrological and Psychic Society for many years as well as having been on their Executive Committee
She has served on the Executive Committee of BAPS as well as being the editor of their magazine The Mercury
She has worked as a serving Medium at the SAGB - The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain
She has been a regular TV presenter on Psychic & Soul, Psychic First & Psychic TV (Interactve)
She appears regularly on BBC & Sky TV & BT Sport
She is a Reiki Master Teacher
She is a very popular weekly newspaper columnist in Spain - CoastRider
She has written monthly horoscopes in Spain & the UK - Quesada 4 Quesada, Zest as well as writing many articles for spiritualist magazines & publications
She has appeared on other national & international television & radio shows

Click here for information about Laura's Psychic Journey

Laura Boyle has been a channel for Spirit from a very early age & as she has got older she has understood more about her gifts of being a respected psychic, a clairvoyant, a medium & tarot consultant.  She is based in London but works regularly in Spain, on the Costa Blanca, where she was living until March 2010.

She has always had a keen interest in Body, Mind & Spirit, believing the Eastern philosophy that you can’t neglect any of these three areas of your life - you need to look after all three - body, mind & spirit  to enjoy a balanced, healthy, wholesome life.  Your body is a temple which houses your soul.  Your mind remembers your past & shapes your future... so let go of your troubles of the past & grasp the wonderful new offerings of 2011.

Relationships - her dating site - click here for more information
I get asked so often by clients about their relationships - of lack of...... As a result, I have teamed up & started a dating site Soul Dates with the express hope that some of my clients, past, present & future will be able to make 2011 a special year.  A year of feeling emotionally fulfilled.  It is free to join & you are at liberty to have a look at the huge databank of single people in your area, all in the same boat as yourself - all wanting to meet that special person in 2011.

We all need to promote our friends & I'd like to nominate my good friend BABZ BELL (rip) who not only is the graphic artist responsible for the Soul Dates badge & banners on the Soul Dates site but who also is responsible for the photograph of me here on this very page & is also responsible for the graphics on the Me on TV page

Laura offers the following therapies to treat MIND, BODY & SOUL - please hover your mouse over the subject of interest & click to go directly to the subject of interest.  If you click on the back arrow of your browser, you will return to this 'Home Page' once again.

Reiki Healing
Reiki Courses

Mind -
Hypnotherapy sessions
Hypnotherapy downloads
Past Life Regression hypnotherapy

Spirit –
Psychic readings
Clairvoyant readings
Tarot card readings
Horoscope reports
Past Life Regression channeling

Certified London
Reiki 1 course
Reiki 2 course
Reiki Master Teacher course
Psychic Development coursesTarot lessonsPendulum Dowsing Lessons
Laura Boyle has an impressive client list, ranging from celebrities, top models, bankers, pop stars both from England & overseas.  All readings are recorded at no additional cost & client confidentiality is assured.  All my clients, celebrity or otherwise are treated exactly the same & with my help hopefully my clients will be able to make the life choices which are right for them.  Click here to view Testimonials.

She offers –
Private consultations
Telephone readings
Email readings

Laura Boyle has many clients who come & see her from all areas....Read More} North London, South London, East London & West London.  From North East (NE) London & North West (NW) London.  From South East (SE) London to South West (SW) London.  From South East (SE) London to South West (SW) London.

The majority of Laura Boyle’s clients come from the surrounding neighbourhoods – Acton, Ealing, Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith, Chiswick, Grove Park, Westbourne Grove, Nottinghill Gate, Holland Park, Westbourne Park, Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster, Victoria, Belsize Park, Swiss Cottage, Hampstead, Olympia, Earls Court, Barons Court, West Kensington, Knightsbridge, Pimlico, Bloomsbury, Covent Garden, but some come to see her from as far as Mile End, Stepney, Brixton, Docklands, Stratford, Epping, Dagenham, Clapham, Balham, New Cross, Newham, Queens Park, Arsenal, Bounds Green, Wood Green, Camden, Kentish Town and other areas of Central London.

Many of Laura Boyle’s other clients hail from Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Derby Kempton Park, Cambridge, Brentwood, Colchester, Winchester, Marlow, Windsor, Maidenhead, Feltham, Staines, Osterley, Farnham, Alton, Kingston, Basingstoke, High Wycombe, Oxford, Croydon, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Swindon, Hove, Brighton to name but a few places where she has exhibited in the past year or so

Laura Boyle -  Psychic London, Clairvoyant London, Tarot London

click here to contact Laura Boyle or call 0208 354 2485 or 07717 858484


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